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How It Works


Here Is How It Works
Everyday of The Week We Offer Special Promotional Deals from local businesses in your area.
Everyday of the week we offer many Fantastic Deals and Special Promotions that can be found throughout the entire website. These hot deals will be from your favorite local restaurants, health spas, ice cream parlors, beauty salons, chiropractors and many, many other different kinds of businesses from the local Columbia area. Our team is always searching for the Hottest Deals in Town so that we can make them available to you!! And there is really no way for you to know from one day to the next who will join our list of businesses with Hot New Deals to offer. As a result it's a good idea for you to sign up to receive our email notifications (you'll see the signup box at the top right hand corner of the Home page). That way you will always be able to receive the Hottest Daily Deals as soon as we receive them.
The Hottest Daily Deals
Then as long as you remain on our private list , we will email you a variety of special Daily Deals offered by local businesses in your area.
So remember, by subscribing to our private list you get to take advantage of the power of buying in groups. You see, as a result of giving local businesses access to our private list of people, these businesses are willing to offer our group of people special deals the public will never find out about! The larger our group list gets , the more bargaining power we have when we negotiate the best deals from local businesses.
We Are Different Than All the Rest!!!  
Rather than having a deal available with a required certain number of purchases and for a certain period of time before that deal is available, our deals are always available each and every day!!!!! All day long , 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most importantly these Daily Deals are available whenever you want them and at the exact time you want to use them!!
So be sure to browse the entire website daily in order to discover daily deals and special value added services from local businesses in and around Columbia,SC. And most of all be sure to sign up and subscribe to our mailing list.