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Business Showcase of Kills COVID-19 In Air and On Surfaces

Company Overview:

This is an FDA Certified medical device that offers life saving technology that will help save thousands of lives. Additionally, I think this should be considered a major News Story… And at the moment it seems to be the best kept secret, until NOW!

This is the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered. The only exclusive air and surface purification technology awarded the Prestigious Certified Space Technology seal of approval by the Space Foundation.

This FDA Certified Device Kills the COVID-19 virus in the Air and on Surfaces 24 Hours a Day
This same technology has been used by the following:
The Department of Defense, ESPN Sports, The St. Louis Cardinals ,The Detroit Tigers , The Texas Rangers , The Miami Marlins , The Cincinnati Reds , The Pirates , The Washington Nationals , The Pittsburgh Pirates, The Toronto Blue Jays , The Colorado Rockies, The Kansas City Royals and Others who have used the technology.

This device is being used:
In homes, in businesses, the NASA space station ,hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentist offices, professional sports facilities ,nursing homes ,hotels, schools, churches ,and many, many other places...

For More Information contact:  Roy Smith 803-479-3356 

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